Friday, June 26, 2009

Production vs One Of A Kind

I love the rhythm and peacefulness of doing production ceramics. I get into a groove and the work flows. I love the sense of order and accomplishment as the work progresses. Each part from the creation of the piece, bisque firing when there is enough for a kiln load and glazing to order has its' own beauty.
Glazing drives some people crazy. I love glazing. But firing raku is the best. Raku days are exciting and full of promise and usually are just plain fun. I don't like scrubbing the animals and tiles since it stresses my thumb's I have my helper do the scrubbing now...Parts start to wear out as one ages. I do love putting the little beads and fish and hearts on the critter, gluing tiles into frames and packing them into their gift boxes with enclosures cards.
Now most people hate that part. I love it. Everything comes together and there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment and order and beauty in seeing a group of work go off to a gallery.
I never would have guessed that this work would suit me 20 years ago. I was a different woman then.....