Monday, June 20, 2011

The New Raku Kiln Shed

Workhorse in Butterscotch Glaze
Ancient Horse


Kiln Shed

The new kiln shed works great. This place is very windy and the fiberglass panels keep out the wind but allow in the light. I designed it so I can take it apart and move it when I finally find a place to buy. I have the house all set up and love living in such a sunny spot with views of the Cascade mountains and the water. At night I look out on the next hillside in Port Townsend and enjoy the sound of the clock tower. I have planted some perennials and annuals in pots outside.

I have friends in walking distance and I have been walking all over the neighborhood checking out the trail system. I love snooping around looking at gardens and saying hello to the horses, donkeys, goats and chickens that live nearby.

Today is my birthday and to celebrate I had a party last night and went for a picnic on the beach with my best friend Jenny and my godson Jasper. Perfect day for a birthday. Puffy clouds in the sky, great warm, happy day.

I have been putting out all my treasures and have all my wall art up. The sun stays up very late and in the early morning the sun comes in through 4 skylights so I am not getting a lot of sleep.

I recently worked with a new photographer so I can get new photos up on my website of the new donkeys and a few new glaze options.

My work is now available at Frames of Mind in the Virgin Islands...great new account. They requested the donkey and they seem to be selling well.