Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Just changing the colors changes everything........I never get tired of Raku firing. I love seeing the results. I used to make the fish on the red bears a red and peach color, changing to a blue/green fish makes the design "pop".

Raven/Crow Boxes

The crows that come for breakfast each morning have on occasion invited their friends when the weather happens to be colder than average. I have 4 that come each day. In the summer there were 5. Now on the coldest days there have been 6. The latest beggar is the seagull that has hung out ion the roof of the house behind mine.

Here are two new treasure boxes inspired by my crow and raven friends.

It is pretty clear the crows I feed trust me as they come to eat as soon as I leave the food out for them and go inside and close my door. When I have company they are much more careful about approaching the house and fly back and forth to the fence. It is nice to know that they trust me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Mom

My mother is 95 and still going strong........

Back from the East Coast

There is nothing quiet as nice as holding a baby. Here I am with my 4 month old great nephew Faelen. He is a sweetie just like his brother and sister!