Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Mastering Raku" by Steven Branfman has just come out and I have photos of two of my critters in this new book. Amazon has a great price on this book.

On the inside of the dust jacket is my White Buffalo which also appears inside the book along with the Running Horse in copper matte. Great for the ego!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

View from the Snake River
South of Moab, Utah

Haybales across the road from Dayna and Marlen's Bellevue, Idaho

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming Home, home coming....

I arrived on the evening of October 8th 2009. My moving van came on the 10th and the next few days were a blur of unpacking and exhaustion. I just wanted to do nothing for a week but the pressure of my list of orders was forcing me to get the studio up and running. I have unpacked the studio, most of the kitchen, and my clothes. I haven't found my tea kettle yet!

I have wanted to do a full write up on my cross country trek.
Each day I find myself too tired and it is all starting to blur.
I have many photos to upload. My trip across the country was overwhelming at times, and wonderful and terrible all at once. I cried my way across the country. I sang along with my old tapes. I pulled over when I got too tired. Shadow was my ambassador of good will. I had adventures. I talked to Jim several times a day and also to Gary my truck driver. He (Gary) became my guardian angel and checked in with me each day as we wandered across America. He calls me sister. I think he is an amazing human being and a true gift. Who knew? we met up for lunch in Nashville.
Arriving here was such a relief and overwhelming. The tears continued to flow for many days...but somehow within the last few days I feel differently...more grounded and at peace.
My kiln is up and running and I rakued a few days ago. Somehow being fully back at work made the difference. Living with Jim is the easy part, letting go is the hard part. I do feel guilty for leaving those I hold so dear behind. I do mourn the loss of parts of my old life. I am sure that this is where I am supposed to be. I love being around just feels right.
The land here is so beautiful. Great rolling farmland, huge hardwood trees, asters, ragweed, queen anne's lace, pokeweed, mullein, grasses and cattails...cows, donkeys, white squirrels, goats and horses, hay fields and corn. It is much like Vermont but more hardwoods and more open. I still get lost on the backroads and don't have a clear picture in my head of the geographic relationship of the small towns around me.
I wonder if I will get a Southern accent?
I'll post pictures and travel stories soon. I promise!
Tomorrow I will be going to the Southern Highland's Craft Show in Asheville that Jim is selling his work in. I'll meet his friends and check out the other artists and help him break down his booth at the end of the day.
Living with another artist is amazing in so many little ways. It is like we speak the same secret language and flow with the same rhythms that working with clay imposes.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Misty Mountains of Utah (below), Cortez, CO (right)


Abandoned Homestead

Eastern Washington Balloon and Birds

Yakima, WA Lumberyard FIRE!!!

Eastern, WA or Oregon....