Monday, April 18, 2011

Upstairs sitting/sewing/jewelry making/craft area.
Comfy Bed

Having a mattress after 2 weeks of sleeping on a foam pad is wonderful.

I have my treasures and my special Gnome nearby. You can't see it but there is a stained glass window next to the bed that gives me some privacy. This is the stained glass window Bob had made for me. The lamp was a $2.00 find at the thrift store! The quilt I made anout 28 years ago!

Moving In

Yikes- Unpacking Hell

Before my stuff arrived...

One HUGE moving van!!!!

Well I am in unpacking hell. Upstairs is mostly done, office needs work and the kitchen is 90% done.. The livingroom is full of boxes. I borrowed a truck and will recycle the boxes and newspaper tomorrow. Exhausted! I have been weed whacking the overgrown grass when i need unpacking breaks. the kiln wiring and raku kiln shed are happening this week! I should be up and running next week and have 6 orders to galleries to get out!

Had dinner with Rex and Carrie Ricetonight.They serve halibut their son caught in Alaska. Excellent.

Now I will take a bath by candlelight. A good book to read in my comfortable bed...yes!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Great Cross Country Trip

Lonely Place


Close up Rock Formation in Eastern Washington

Wind Farm

Into Wyoming

Not Yet Spring

Rock formation just before Yakima Valley

3010 Miles are some photos of the trip.

On the road 8 days. these photos of landscapes were taken through my windshield while I was going pretty fast!!!

Back home ..or at least back in Port Townsend in my new place. A completely new experience!