Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Just changing the colors changes everything........I never get tired of Raku firing. I love seeing the results. I used to make the fish on the red bears a red and peach color, changing to a blue/green fish makes the design "pop".

Raven/Crow Boxes

The crows that come for breakfast each morning have on occasion invited their friends when the weather happens to be colder than average. I have 4 that come each day. In the summer there were 5. Now on the coldest days there have been 6. The latest beggar is the seagull that has hung out ion the roof of the house behind mine.

Here are two new treasure boxes inspired by my crow and raven friends.

It is pretty clear the crows I feed trust me as they come to eat as soon as I leave the food out for them and go inside and close my door. When I have company they are much more careful about approaching the house and fly back and forth to the fence. It is nice to know that they trust me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Mom

My mother is 95 and still going strong........

Back from the East Coast

There is nothing quiet as nice as holding a baby. Here I am with my 4 month old great nephew Faelen. He is a sweetie just like his brother and sister!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mt Baker and Glacier Trip

Evan, Ruth and Tucker

Our Mushroom Harvest
Coral and Chanterelles

Stunning view not far from the ski area


Mt Baker

My sons both live at the base of Mt Baker in a small village called Glacier. It is s funky place and in the rain forest. The residents are an odd assortment of outdoor enthusiasts and loners. It is an amazing place. It takes 1/2 hour just to get to the top of the mountain where the ski area is. Twice in recent history there has been enough snow to bury the toe lift! Tucker took Gretchen and me mushrooming. I loved the carpet of dense moss. This year it was harder to find Chanterelles. I think other folks had been through before us and got the bulk of the crop.

I dehydrated what we picked for winter use.

A time of Appreciation

Foam Patterns
patterns created by the current

Ruby Beach

capturing the light

Ruby Beach

"Ancient One"
Quinault Forest

Since returning to the northwest this past spring I have had a new appreciation for just how amazing this part of the world is. I decided I wanted to focus any travel to places in Washington.

I have been to the coast twice, up to the San Juan Islands and most recently to Glacier and Mt Baker. I wish I could spend a month just roaming around.

On these various trips I have had some great company, wonderful meals and an opportunity to capture some of the places I have been in photos.

I have to admit that working on One Hundred Horses has been lower on my priority list than in the past. I am just having too much fun!

Now that the weather is turning grey and wet I'll be back in the studio for longer hours. After the Christmas rush of orders to the galleries and individuals is over I'll be focusing on new work in a new direction. I'll share the results this winter.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby Crows

Two Adult Crows and Baby on the Left

Check out the Feet!

Moments after this photo was taken the pan fell over and the water splashed all over the stairs and 2nd floor landing. The baby crow was startled. I love watching his(her?) clumsy movements and curious nature. The baby crow spent some time yesterday pecking at my dragon flags. Was he thinking food? Not Food? Or just playing?

It is easy to spot the babies right now, from their parents as they still have some downy feathers on their chests and they pitiously beg for food. Their parents are clearly trying to encourage them to get their own food at this point.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The New Raku Kiln Shed

Workhorse in Butterscotch Glaze
Ancient Horse


Kiln Shed

The new kiln shed works great. This place is very windy and the fiberglass panels keep out the wind but allow in the light. I designed it so I can take it apart and move it when I finally find a place to buy. I have the house all set up and love living in such a sunny spot with views of the Cascade mountains and the water. At night I look out on the next hillside in Port Townsend and enjoy the sound of the clock tower. I have planted some perennials and annuals in pots outside.

I have friends in walking distance and I have been walking all over the neighborhood checking out the trail system. I love snooping around looking at gardens and saying hello to the horses, donkeys, goats and chickens that live nearby.

Today is my birthday and to celebrate I had a party last night and went for a picnic on the beach with my best friend Jenny and my godson Jasper. Perfect day for a birthday. Puffy clouds in the sky, great warm, happy day.

I have been putting out all my treasures and have all my wall art up. The sun stays up very late and in the early morning the sun comes in through 4 skylights so I am not getting a lot of sleep.

I recently worked with a new photographer so I can get new photos up on my website of the new donkeys and a few new glaze options.

My work is now available at Frames of Mind in the Virgin Islands...great new account. They requested the donkey and they seem to be selling well.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Upstairs sitting/sewing/jewelry making/craft area.
Comfy Bed

Having a mattress after 2 weeks of sleeping on a foam pad is wonderful.

I have my treasures and my special Gnome nearby. You can't see it but there is a stained glass window next to the bed that gives me some privacy. This is the stained glass window Bob had made for me. The lamp was a $2.00 find at the thrift store! The quilt I made anout 28 years ago!

Moving In

Yikes- Unpacking Hell

Before my stuff arrived...

One HUGE moving van!!!!

Well I am in unpacking hell. Upstairs is mostly done, office needs work and the kitchen is 90% done.. The livingroom is full of boxes. I borrowed a truck and will recycle the boxes and newspaper tomorrow. Exhausted! I have been weed whacking the overgrown grass when i need unpacking breaks. the kiln wiring and raku kiln shed are happening this week! I should be up and running next week and have 6 orders to galleries to get out!

Had dinner with Rex and Carrie Ricetonight.They serve halibut their son caught in Alaska. Excellent.

Now I will take a bath by candlelight. A good book to read in my comfortable bed...yes!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Great Cross Country Trip

Lonely Place


Close up Rock Formation in Eastern Washington

Wind Farm

Into Wyoming

Not Yet Spring

Rock formation just before Yakima Valley

3010 Miles are some photos of the trip.

On the road 8 days. these photos of landscapes were taken through my windshield while I was going pretty fast!!!

Back home ..or at least back in Port Townsend in my new place. A completely new experience!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Planning the Trip Back

Well the plan is to head out on the 27th. The moving van is supposed to get here on the 26th.
My first night I will be in Louisville, KY staying with Meg Wilburn who I know from Port Townsend, WA. I have never been in Kentucky so this will be interesting. My next night will be somewhere in the great borings...Kansas.
Next stop is in Loveland, CO to meet Nancy Zoller in person. She is a potter on The next leg is a stay over in Park City, UT where I stayed on my way here. I'll be staying with Rita and Craig Miller. Their daughter is married to Bob Parrish's nephew. I met them when they were vacationing in Port Townsend.
Next stop is to see my nephew Marlen and his wife Dayna and their two sweet boys in southern Idaho.
I'll have one more night in a motel somewhere in eastern Washington on the last night and should arrive in Port Townsend by April 4th. Phew!
There may be an extra day on the road if I decide to take a break at some point.
I have some wiggle room.
Packing up all my "treasures", photo albums, office, studio, kitchen appears I have very little clothes or furniture and lots of art!
Since I am renting the house I will be moving into I can see I will have to haul all this stuff again if I find a place to buy in the future! Maybe I will find a way to let go of some of my stuff!
I just took a quick trip to Sevierville, TN as my sister Ronnie, her husband Mark and their son and granddaughter were staying there on vacation. I also wanted to meet Billi Rothove in person. She and I have been friends via the internet and phone for several years...another artist.
TN is beautiful where it hasn't been ruined by commercial development.
I got to meet my great neice for the first time. Charlie is bright, outgoing and full of life.
Billi took me to see a gallery that carries my work in Gatlinburg, The J. Alan Gallery and to see Arrowmont School where she ran several of their galleries. It is a beautiful area.
Today I pack some more and this evening I will be going into Asheville to spend a night on the town with Liz Dickinson. She has been helping me part time in the studio.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life is Change

Sweet Kitchen
The view from the 2nd Floor

Ruth's New Home and Studio starting in April
Studio is in the ground level
Three Ravens at Sunset Mirror
New Tile Design

After many months of feeling conflicted I have decided to move back to Port Townsend, WA. It has been difficult decision. I've been living out in the country in Horse Shoe, NC sharing a studio and home with Jim Whalen, Paradox Pottery. Working and living along side of another artist has been a great adventure.
The landscape is beautiful. The summers are hot and humid. I wilt!

I miss Port Townsend, my dear friends there, the cool summers, and my 2 sons. Even though Evan and Tucker are grown up and I know I won't see a lot of them it is nice to know that we could see each other if we wanted or needed to.
I miss the water and the great local, bountiful organic food.
I have not been posting for a long time. I have felt withdrawn, stuck and depressed and less myself.
I had this vision that I could move to NC to be with Jim and rebuild much of what I had in Port Townsend. Not so! So I have had to choose between the two and that has been very hard.
So here I am looking at all this stuff I am so attached to...lots of artwork, a collection of art tiles, big ceramic pots, my office, studio equipment etc and I have to pack it all up again!!

I have some things that will not come back with me but mostly this stuff I call my treasures will.
I am faced with another cross country drive. I'll take a slightly different route this time and look forward to the magic of being on the road......again!
After getting the studio up and running my next order of business will be planting the garden. So dear friends plant a few extra seedlings for me so I can transplant them into my new garden space. If you are thinning perennials I'll take them!

I have a sweet small house with space for a studio in Port Townsend that will become my new home. It comes furnished so getting set up will be easy. My focus will be on the studio when I arrive. I need to get that up and running so I can make my living. My landlord is having 240 electric receptacles installed inside for my bisque kiln and outside for my raku kiln. I will need to build a shelter for the raku kiln to keep it dry and to protect me from the wind while I am firing.
Work has been steady all year and I am grateful to continue to make a living as an artist in these difficult times. I seem to be recession proof. A few of the galleries I have been in for years have folded but new ones also are being opened. I love shipping my work all over the country. If is a great blessing to be able to live where I want and be able to ship the work to the places where there are people who "get" what I am doing.
I do feel supported.