Tuesday, August 18, 2009

North Carolina Landscape

I finally got to fire my first sgrafitto tile. I got up at 6:00am so I could take it out of the kiln after it cooled overnight. I'm hooked. I'd like to make many, many more. It takes me back to the drawings I have always done while sitting in class or talking on the phone. I am a serious doodler.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Salmon Treasure Boxes & New Raven Tiles

I have been designing some relief tiles and raku firing them. Along with the tiles I am working on some new designs for the Treasure Boxes. I have been experimenting with doing several salmon designs. I have to admit these are a lot of fun to do and I happy that both the tiles and Salmon Boxes are getting ordered by some of the galleries I am in. Expect more new work this spring after Jim and I do our designs this winter. More examples will be posted to my website:

Life is change.

I am beginning to get organized for my move across the country. My new home will be in Horse Shoe, NC.
Horse Shoe is in the mountains in the far western part of the state, 20 miles from Asheville and 10 miles from Hendersonville. So here I am going back to living in the mountains on the east coast. I spent 20 years in Vermont. I have been out here in the northwest about the same period of time and spent 19 years in CT before that. 20 year itch? So where will I be heading when I am 76?

Moving a studio is a bit daunting. I find myself working happily in the studio trying to get as many orders out as I can before the move. I have kiln anxiety. I sure want little Oscar (my small custom raku kiln) to be well packed. I'll be releived when I am unpacked and up and running in NC.
I have been contacting galleries I am already in in the region to let them know I will be a local soon. One gallery I contacted that I have not sold to in the past has placed an opening order with me.
I am going to explore all my options from retail shows to getting in the Southern Highland Guild that has 5 regional galleries.

I going to NC to live with Jim Whalen. We will be working in the same studio, he doing his amazing pots, me doing One Hundred Horses and then collaborating on Critter Pots together.
Kind of like his, hers and theirs when couple with kids get together and then also have kids of their own!
Packing up my inventory should be interesting. I will have to hit the ground running as this is my busiest season. My house has sold and I have to clear out before the 25th of September. I don't stop shipping until early December so it will be a busy fall.
I am planning on driving across the country with my dog Shadow. I'll see a lot of the country I haven't seen before and I will surely have some adventures along the way. I hope to see some family and friends as I wander south and east.
I know very little about the mountains of NC and I am going to enjoy exploring and learning about this new place I will be calling HOME. I'll miss the northwest. It has been very good for me to live here. If NC is half as good I'll be happy. Someone recently asked me if I have gypsy blood? Who knows?