Friday, August 13, 2010

HOT &HUMID and Studio Pets


Fred, our neighbor's dog that hangs out in the studio.

Fred is very afraid of thunder and lightening and gun shots. He will hide under my work table and shake with fear. He is old and has bad arthritis and sure could use a serious bath. I have been removing the loose fur that he is shedding. I even broke down and bought a undercoat hair brush so I could finish the job. He doesn't get much TLC at home. He smells awful and I keep threatening to give him a bath. We also have a cat named Baby that hangs out in the studio. She was a wild kitty, and is the last of a litter that has lived in the area for years. She adores Jim and he has taken on feeding her and getting her veterinarian care. The vet guesses she is about 12 years old.

Turquoise Fishing Bear & New Red Small Bear with Fish

The air is so thick and heavy. Can you imagine me doing Raku in this weather? 90 today and 50% humidity....

Picture this: I have to wear a heavy sweatshirt, welder's gloves and open a kiln at 1850 degrees!!!!

The sweat pours down inside my clothes as I take out each piece one at a time and place them in a container of sawdust and whole oats or shredded newspaper. At least I like the way things have been coming out!

I have a new glaze I have been playing with. A red hot red! I like it. I did a Fishing Bear in the new red with a blue and turquoise fish and I also tried the Small Bear with Fish in this color combination. Actually, the colors were suggested by a gallery owner in Seattle. Suzanne owns Afishionado Gallery and has been ordering from me for several years. Thanks for the suggestion Suzanne!

In this photo the fish on the red bear is not as intense as I am now doing them. Picture a fish that is blue and turquoise...deeper in hue.