Monday, September 21, 2009

Crying a River.....

Last night was my going away party hosted by Jill Beaumont and Tom Lemmons. They set up for the party in a small grove of young trees with a circle of Adirondack chairs, picnic table and a wonderful fire in a deep fire pit. Most of my friends were able to come. Some coming as from as far away as San Juan Island which is 2 ferry rides from the north where I raised my sons. My dear friends River and Chinmayo (the San Juan Island friends) came early and helped me pack and to cheer me up. They are deep souls and among some of the finest women I know. Each have lived through hard times and painful life experiences to only become stronger and more full of life and creativity. They are amazing people. They love deeply and give of them selves fully.
Actually I think I could say that about most of my friends here.

As I looked around I realized that my friends are artists, musicians, writers, story tellers, fishermen and healers, gardeners, great cooks, world travelers, committed community minded seekers after the ideal of a better way of living, sharing and relating to the blessing of living on the fragile planet we call home. Otto, Kristin, Joe and Buzz played music, the potluck was sumptuous and made mostly from local fish and fruit and vegetables. Carrie cooked the huge roast beast I had left from the 1/4 of a beef cattle from a local farm. Had to defrost that freezer!

We live in one of the most bountiful places on the planet.

I can only absorb just so much right now. I am so overwhelmed and fragile and find it hard to let go and say my good byes and hear all the loving words of support and friendship.

Pam danced with me and sang a sweet impromptu love rhyme in my ears.. The tears flowed.

I had to say good bye to my son Tucker early this morning as he headed out to Lopez Island and then home to Mt Baker with a truck load of his broken motorcycle, dirt bike and snow mobile...He sold the broken 1979 Toyota 4x4 pick up to a local off roader and will sell the rest for whatever he can get. He is determined to not accumulate more "projects" that he doesn't actually get to! A great life lesson many of us need to learn. He is most likely headed to Alaska again to continue with Avalanche and Rescue training. He is a certified Heli-sking Guide.

My other son Evan started his first semester at Whatcom Community College and just found out his Pell Grant came through! I think he is going to do very well in school. I am proud of both of them.

I have had some wonderful support with friends helping me pack and even bringing me food. I have lots 10 lbs....combination of stress and being really strict with my new diet to control my diabetes. Feels really good to be losing weigh. 10 lbs to go..seems attainable.
I'll hopefully make my deadline of being ready by Friday for the moving van! It seems impossible to pull off. Hopefully tomorrow will be a day of more packing and less crying! Cavin Richie is going to build a crate for one of my kilns....more kindness and generosity.....My plants are finding new homes and my treasures are mostly packed. If you stop by I will put you to work!


  1. I send you long distance hugs and wish I caould've been there to see such a wonderful celebration. I am sorry it comes with such a sad leave-taking though. But know that we wait for you out east with warmth and welcome as you begin your next adventure!