Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm officially tired of crying.

Today I fired my last raku firing that I'll do on Blossom Lane in Port Townsend, WA. Then I cried.

I shipped several orders to galleries today, even one to The Netherlands! I cried after saying good bye to the staff at the local UPS Store. Audrey, the owner, has become a friend over the years along with Lynn who also works there. They are dog lovers and even have special soft dog treats for my small dog Shadow who is 15 years old. When I first moved here I hardly knew anyone and going to ship my orders out was a treat. Right from the start I felt a special connection to the place. They saved boxes for me and always asked about Shadow if for some reason I didn't bring him, which was rare. I walked out and cried as I drove away.

Tonight I baby sat Jasper my 2 year old godson. This is the last time I will babysit him for a long time.We cuddled on the sofa and I made up stories about rabbits and squirrels with Jasper as the hero in many a tale. I shed more tears sitting in the car as I drove off.

I am getting really tired of crying......

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