Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gallery Walk

Last night was Gallery Walk in Port Townsend. Lorna Smith has opened a tiny gallery that is all local ceramics and primarily features her work. She recently added my work to the gallery and I went to town after a day of packing to see how my work looked in her shop. I was more than pleased, delighted in fact. My little critters are in the window on glass shelves with great lighting. While I was looking at the display from the outside 2 women came up and commented on the work and went in and picked up several pieces. Lorna says she has been selling at least one of my pieces a day. She is happy and so am I. I'll try and get her as much work as I can before I leave for the southeast.
Here is a photo of me taking my hot critters out of the kiln at 1850F degrees so I can raku them. When it is really hot outside I end up covered in sweat. Fall and winter are better months for this work as you can imagine. I'll most likely will get up really early in the summer months in North Carolina to do the rakuing. I always enjoy firing. I love the spontaneity of the process. All raku artists are pyromaniacs at heart.
My studio and kilns will get packed last. The time I spend in the studio these days is my solace and refuge. The chaos of packing up the house is very upsetting. Yesterday I packed all my wall art and the house looks bare. Next I'll pack my treasures (shells, bird's nests, feathers, bones,rocks etc) and some of my ceramic art collection. Last will be the kitchen and clothes and studio. everyday I end up giving something away or placing things in the box headed for the local Goodwill. Sept 26th is the day I head out.

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